Alvarez Quintero 17

Date: 2013

Location: Álvarez Quintero 17. Sevilla

Category: Apartment building

Area: 220,35 m2

Client: AEF López Sánchez

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Rehabilitation

Status: Work completed


Rehabilitation of the old “OLIAM” bookshop to have a promotion of 4 housings - 2 of them are duplex - and a commercial office. It has been kept its typology of a courtyard house. This yard is the main element of one duplex. We have tried to recorver the original building with its materials, the lime mortar and its real ironworks. The housings have been unified with a skirting board just in the ground floor that makes possible the access to the building and the commercial office. The ironworks and the skirting board share the same colour. Nevertheless, the interior of the ground floor is painted in orange. It has been paid great attention to the joinery, such as the one of the attic.

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