VIVIENDAS. Bilbao 12


Date: 2009

Location: Bilbao 12. Sevilla

Category: Internal reform

Area: 290,30 m2

Client: Esperanza Pérez López.

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Interior design

Status: Work completed


The house is in an L-shaped building with a large courtyard, the two sides of the element facing the Bilbao street where it has its entrance and the other to Carlos Cañal Street.

The work includes improvements on existing housing in their interior finishes and joinery plant distribution preserving while about partitions and enclosures with thickening of the same by plasterboard and masonry towards a better soundproofing of stays and improved thermal conditions of the same in both façade and interior walls as these were made of brick thick ash compact five of own construction in the late seventies.

The works seek an improvement made in coatings and woodworks as to and the generation of a single space in the main hall, creating a sink, opening three holes for sliding doors, new floor lights in the corridor of communication and improvements of the four bathrooms and sanitary equipment for coating new.

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