Lineros 11


Date: 2011

Location: Lineros 11. Sevilla

Category: Multi-family housing

Area: 357,52 m2

Client: A.E.F. López Sánchez S.L.

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López   |   Fco Javier Pérez Martín

Features: Rehabilitation with commercial low

Status: Work completed


The building is located in the heart of the city within the old quarter of Seville, in the influence of two important squares: “El Salvador” and “Plaza del Pan”, street junction between these squares and the square of the Incarnation in the traditional trade environment Sevilla. The original farm is found completely underpinned, in a prolonged state of disrepair over time.

The project with an attitude of respect for the existing configuration primarily covers structural reconstruction of walls and floors in all plants, and the modification of the stairs, demolished by the previous owners as well as the need for an elevator to provide the three plants homes. Formal settings are respected on the ground floor providing a home for and likewise the ground floor is back in its original state by lobby separating the commercial use of housing.

The finishes are sober, neutral and economically restrained, inside white walls, white in DM for painting woodwork and aluminum on the outside lime mortar and steel cans off white, woodwork and fittings in dark gray. We try to find a unit that external and internal linking a whole, consistent as rental housing, without excess and defects.

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