Date: 2020

Location: Calle O’Donnell 24 Sevilla

Category: Minor reform for a single-family home

Area: 147 m2

Client: Edificio Imagen S.L.

Status: Work completed


The work in this house is developed on a 4th floor located in c/ O’Donnell 24, in Sevilla, in the heart of the historic city.

The searching for the maximization of the space in this renovation provides it with a functionality that allows a family easily inhabit it.

The works includes the improvements in the existing house in terms of interior finishes and carpentry, increasing the thickness of partitions and closures for a better soundproofing and heating conditions.

The continuity of the box with white-lacquered wooden coverings provides order and unifies the space with the main corridor.

The vertical windows in rooms gives the light needed to them while the slats provide the privacy when located in inner patios.

The box materialized in glass and metal which leads to the kitchen allows its space to blend with the house or keep it discreetly hidden.

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