Centro Óptico San Fernando 47


Date: 2008

Location: San Fernando 47.Puebla de Cazalla. Seville

Category:  Internal reform

Area: 65,00 m2.

Client: Jesus María López Gímenez

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features:  Interior design

Status:  Draft


The Optical Center was founded with the premise of defining the use of the ground floor of the building, small optics include a sales area and two cubes that make up the technical parts that meet the meetings with the stairs of the building and home privacy necessary parts, sales area is a continuation of translucent cloth that makes up the facade, steel and glass, the reflections, the image of exterior public space extends inside the lens elements comprise sales space and modulate the perforated cloths butyral matte white and orange. The technical parts are developed and are in stainless steel material below the front.

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