CONCURSOS.Viviendas VPO Sayalonga

Public Housing. 14 VPO. Campofrio. Huelva

Date: 2006

Location: UE.2.1. North Hillside. Sayalonga.Malaga.Spain

Category: Public Housing

Area: 1.178,80 m2

Client:  E.P.S.A . Junta de Andalucia

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: fourteen houses


Given the difficulties posed by the existing land, we chose a traditionally agricultural solution, to reach rough terrain and be able to get flat land suitable for cultivation therefore act as the traditional terraces.

The three rows of houses are built in terraces traditionally executed with stones of the place, getting a vernacular architecture, easily recognizable and regular construction. The kind of architecture adapted to the place where it is. The building itself will give us the image of the proposal we want. A stone terraces sockets or the area will limit a series of public spaces, making the town appear to expand and some viewpoints and plazas that have spectacular views of the northern Sierra Sayalonga.

This solution allows a traditional building, in the style of existing buildings in the area, load-bearing walls of natural stone, which helps us to contain the ground and surface suitable for use for the building and try to avoid harsh solutions, simplifying to avoid economic costs.

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