CONCURSOS.Viviendas VPO Monesterio_2

Public Housing. 14 VPO. Monesterio. Badajoz

Date: 2010

Location: St. Bodonal de la Sierra. Monesterio.Badajoz.Spain

Category: Public Housing

Area: 1.325,00 m2


Studio: Adolfo Pérez López | Fco Javier Pérez Martín

Features: fourteen  houses

The project seeks an image of unity with an urban character, adapts existing slopes allowing the development of pitched roofs where it is possible to capture solar energy, disposal of empty space on both sides open to allow ventilation of the stays. The concentration of wetlands, modulation of the holes all the same, the traditional construction of lime mortars facilitate economy and simplicity of construction.

With the new proposals, the whole interior space is proposed as a new urban space, preserving the existing trees, a living space and road access to new homes, so that the proposal has a unit, other than units built different , a building with a unique architectural language.

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