CONCURSOS.Viviendas VPO Cerro Muriano_1

Public Housing. 64 VPO Cerro Muriano. Córdoba

Date: 2008

Location: ED.MU-2. Cerro Muriano.Cordoba.Spain

Category: Public Housing for Young

Area: 5.442,66 m2

Client:  PROVICOSA .Cordoba's Deputation

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: sixty four houses


In this new area of expansion, the irregular pattern we see in the historic center has now transformed into a grid, with the arrangement is already given very clear about the subdivision of plots in the proposition that we do, so our proposal responds well to this aspect, logical if we realize that it is houses.

Considering the simplicity of the different solutions, we adopted the measure to make all the houses alike.

In the design of the dwellings are served at all times to greater rationality and economy, so quality is assured while the adequacy of the costs.

Fully buildable on any system, we focus on the project for environmentally friendly materials. Depending on what suits the greater safety and economy. The uniformity of type and serialization allows the speed and ease of implementation, as the construction type shop is run and placed on site. It has sought from the project an image according with a construction of technology.

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