CONCURSOS.Viviendas VPO Montoro2

Public Housing. Montoro. Cordoba

Date: 2006

Location: Manuel Terrín Benavides. Montoro.Cordoba.Spain

Category: Public Housing

Area: 1.014,10 m2

Client:  E.P.S.A . Junta de Andalucia

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: ten houses


BRIDGE. The valley of the Dove will become a new hotspot. This area, known as the nexus of the medieval area of the new city and its steep slopes will become the first image of the visitor.

The program includes two zones. Housing construction in the south and a program of social and cultural equipments in the north, formally separate but linked visually.

The performance reinforces the character of the valley of the Dove with the aim to be a bridge. Bridges between surfaces at different heights. Bridges that are separated from the ground trying to reach the desired point.

These bridges are the containers of the program both as equipment housing, forming various visual pieces that follow the road management, to enhance the input image of the visitor.

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