Vista Hermosa 14


Date: 2011

Location: Vista Hermosa 14. Sevilla

Category: Single-family house between medians

Area: 210,00 m2

Client: Family Barrial Coronado

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López  |  Fco.  Javier Pérez Martín

Features: Rehabilitation

Status: Basic project


The main aim of the project is to restore the existing building that has abandonment and restore the function and use the built in the nineteen thirties of last century as a family home, one of the few farms that are the neighborhood Leo XIII with the regionalist typology. Our intervention aims to restore the splendor and return to the neighborhood without losing a value for the city.

The facade will be preserved in its entirety and return it with traditional materials to be built, especially lime mortar buildings typical of the time. Be rehabilitated with its beautiful and original gardener. The base of access to housing is made with a new socket will be continued where the access door to the house and the garage door, cube-shaped and coated sheet steel, all primed and painted it white broken. Inside, rooftop put in value, some of these elements in life to develop future housing.

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