• Portada-3

    16 May 2016


    Report of the Casa STAR 18BE in El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz.

    ISSN: 1720-6553

  • AD

    4 May 2016

    Architectural Digest Russia

    Online report of the TRAGALUZ restaurant in Rota, Cadiz.


  • Portada-1

    19 October 2015


    Report on its central pages of the Casa STAR 18BE in El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz.

    Editorial: GLOBUS. ISSN: 1130-9458

  • 37º23'N 5º59'W. Guia de Arquitectura Comtemporanea en Sevilla 2000-2010

    17 October 2011

    37º23'N 5º59'W. Architecture Guide

    Contemporary Architecture Guide of Seville 2000-2010. Notable examples of contemporary architecture include the Hotel “Posada del Lucero”, “Alfonso X” hotel extension and Sephora’s Shop developed in the study during this period.

    Editorial: accesit | lugadero | pipo   ISBN: 978.84.939175.0.0

  • PUBLICACIONES.Concurso de Arquitectura.Extremadura.Freylas

    4 July 2011

    Concursos de Arquitectura en Extremadura.05

    Freyle Convent Rehabilitation in Merida. The publication includes a selection of proposals submitted to the Competition of Ideas. The study proposal has a special place as the winner of the contest.

    Edit.: Csj. Cultura y Turismo. Junta de Extremadura  ISBN: 978.84.9852.232.7

  • PUBLICACIONES.Temas de Arquitectura.Nº10

    25 May 2010

    Temas de Arquitectura.Nº10/10

    Monograph hotels. Extensive photographic and planimetry story hotel “Posada del Lucero”. (Pages 118-133)

    Editorial: General de Arquitectura.    ISSN: 1698.8671

  • PUBLICACIONES.TC Cuadernos.89.Concursos

    1 May 2009

    TC. Cuadernos.89

    Architecture Competitions Monographic 2009. In the first pages of the publication provides a detailed report of the winning proposal submitted for the contest Freyle Convent Rehabilitation in Merida.

    Editorial: Ediciones Generales de la Construcción   ISSN: 1136.906X

  • PUBLICACIONES.Genieten.02

    1 February 2008

    Genietien. Proef de wereld . 02

    Belgian magazine on various subjects related to destinations and tourist information. Report on their central pages of the Hotel “Posada del Lucero”.

    Editorial: Febelmag de Persgroep Plublishing

  • PUBLICACIONES.Arte y Cemento.2048

    28 February 2007

    A | C. Arte y Cemento.2048

    Magazine of the building and its surroundings, in its architecture section deals with the rehabilitation of the hotel “Posada del Lucero”, from the perspective of rehabilitation both conceptually and materially.

    Editorial: Reed Business Information.sau.   ISSN: 0212.8578

  • 1 November 2006


    Publication of the known writer and journalist Nicolas Salas adopted son of Seville. Pick up the past and present of the Posada del Lucero as a Cultural known in the city.

    Editorial: Almuzara, S.L   ISBN: 84.96710.16.5

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