The firm Adolfo Perez Architecture was founded in 2000 with projects dedicated to rehabilitation in Seville. Projects like Hotel “Posada del Lucero” and the House Muñoz are looking for the authenticity of the construction process. Office projects linking architecture with other interior design are trying to get the most compact works from the origin to final.

Dedicated to the construction process, the vast majority of work has been done built models of self-supervised and managed from the study, in order to ensure the customer the cheapness in the work, the chance of choice and the outcome gratification end. With a “turnkey” attitude always backed by experience and high work dedication that allows us to optimize execution time and carry out the management of the entire process, from construction to interior decoration.


Adolfo Pérez

Adolfo Pérez López (Sevilla 1975) studied architecture at the University of Navarra (93 | 2000) with a grade of outstanding. Postgraduate courses at the University of Seville (02 | 03 and working in the studios of Juan Miguel Otxotorena, Patxi Mangado, Espiau and Perez Elliott before embarking on the final adventure of running the firm "Adolfo Perez Architecture." He is involved in the search of natural architecture, the beauty of the materials, truth and authenticity of the process of building. He is always looking for happiness of those who inhabit it.

Attached to the tradition of thought acquired over the years lived "Since there has always been a small corner in the city that has amazed me is the source that is on the party known as the Alcazar of" dead water". In the walks with my mother in childhood was a way of discovery, always different, the changing light that bathed the wall, the ocher-lime, orange on the front, the humidity, the nature of different floral at each station. As a simple architecture, so natural, that caused many perceptions in a person. "

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