14 Doña María Coronel

Date: 2020

Location: Almirante Apodaca 7. Seville. Spain

Category: Hotel, BIC Protected Monument

Superficie: 1018,43 m2

Client: Edificio Céspedes S.L.

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Rehabilitation and interior design. Heritage intervention. Protected monument

Status: Work Completed


In 2014 the new extension in Hotel Posada del Lucero is designed due to the need for a greater reception of visitors, which is the nature of its original use, as a result of the exquisite services of its facilities.

The expansion of the Posada del Lucero translates into an extension of the concept of the original 16th century building of the Posada. An attainment of spaces that open and close creating atmospheres of intimacy and tranquility around the common variant of this typology: the patio and the light that spills over it and its galleries.

Thus, through a contraction of the space of the already existing building, a new patio appears, which houses new rooms and services, and which in turn, respects the materiality of the 2006 work, since the essence of this was the recovery of the elements of the original 16th century Posada del Lucero (lime mortar in its coverings, walnut wood from the beams and iron from the ironworks).

The new work gives rise to spaces where the aforementioned recovery is integrated with maximum respect with the insertion of current forms and materials. A new interior patio appears, whose function is to illuminate the rooms, covered with a white metallic surface that folds up, creating breaks, which almost evokes the fabric and fills the space it contains with light. The same materiality is repeated in a new terrace of the hotel, for recreational use, reinventing the concept of white and light of the terraces of Seville.

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