Hotel Rey Alfonso X

Hotel Alfonso X. Improvement

Date: 2010

Location: Ximénez Enciso 35. Seville. Spain

Category: Hotel Expansion

Area: 1021,37 m2

Client: López Sánchez Saloherma. S.A

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Reform and Interior Design. Expansion to 42 rooms

Publication: Architecture guide: 37º23'N 5º59'W. Sevilla Contemporánea. 2000-2010

Status: Work Completed


The Hotel “Rey Alfonso X” is located in a building of the eighties, where he was the concierge of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía. Make a first appearance was in 2000 consisting of an interior layout, leaving the existing facade elements and adding a regionalist building of the early twenty century. The organizer of the project is the yellow stone fossil material. It was extended in 2010 by adding an adjacent construction giving a new flat with a large rusty iron socket, and a sun deck with pool and views of the cathedral, where the mortar of lime, iron and orange crystal shape these spaces.

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