Sierpes72. Sephora Cosmetics´s Shop

Date: 2008

Location: Sierpes 72. Seville

Category: Rehabilitation as commercial building

Area: 579,43 m2

Client: Edificio Fabiola. S.L

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Rehabilitation and Interior Design

Publication: Architecture guide: 37º23'N 5º59'W. Sevilla Contemporánea. 2000-2010

Status: Work Completed


The store is at Sierpes street number 72, is known in town as the old house "auto Ibérica" for being the first car dealership opened in Seville and his image was the leader in image and design in the 20's last century, the first work with forms related to modern architecture and one of the first in the country, designed by architect Antonio Gómez Millán (1883 | 1956). The intervention was to restore the original state and delete items that were made in subsequent years, remove the old hat to create a new large slats and the old staircase glazed with a new space where the new stairs. We performed a new front for General Polavieja' street with a large glass cube where you could see across the store and recover the sum of Millán Gómez with a new hole would order the first two floors.

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