Cerrajería 31

Date: 2007

Location: Cerrajería 31. Seville

Category: Rehabilitation as commercial building

Area: 267,91 m2

Client: A.E.F. López Sanchez. S.L

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Rehabilitation and Interior Design

Status: Work Completed


The origins are building the early twentieth century, has an external image use the language of the period in which nineteenth-century remodeling occurs in the sector, opening of new streets and public spaces, and responding to the classical model of the time , both in plant and in its elevation. Later works and replacement of ornamental woodwork to regional tastes of the early centuries as the current image of it. The use of plants originating house with outsourcing derive from downtown to the common commercial and residential sector in a dysfunctional, this being the reason for the project.

The bill eliminates the added time after its creation, returning the building to its original state, addressed the concerns raised by the gradual change of use over time. The facade materials are lime mortar and steel and glass plinth at the entrance unit respond to the requirements that are currently required to a building like this without forgetting what once was, it has a straight, ethereal steel and glass that meets the access to all bathed in light levels that includes a cap of lamas to flood the transit through space.

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