Date: 2014

Location: Veracruz 6. Rota. Cádiz

Category: Rehabilitation of an 18th century house. Restaurant

Area: 284 m2

Client: Mixta Rota S.L.U.


It is a rehabilitation and a recovery of a 18th century palace house which suffered a modification at the beginning of the nineties that changed its typology and essence.

It has been deleted every non original elements to recover the 18th century house and was built a top over the yard to be the element that unite the restaurant. The light from Cádiz is sieved by big slats that allow the natural lighting of the entire restaurant without needing artificial light.

The elimination of every partition walls allows the lightning and the cross ventilation because the building faces the Calle Veracruz and the beautiful Iglesia de la Merced in Rota.  

The Chef Paco Guzmán’s kitchen is connected with the bar through a wooden canopy which allows you to see how the chef works.

There is a wooden bar on the access floor to eat tapas and the entrances from the Calle Veracruz and Plaza de la Merced.

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