Commercial office. Álvarez Quintero

Date: 2015

Location: Álvarez Quintero 17. Seville

Category: Adaptation of a property to a commercial office

Area: 108 m2

Client: A.E.F. López Sánchez S.L.


It is the adaptation of a property to a multipurpose commercial office. Three big boxes for the exhibition delimit the commercial area.

Two of the boxes are placed lengthwise and allow for the rearrangement of the areas for theirs different uses. The first one has been designed to create the foyer and has a big sliding door which can be lighted up. In the same “box”, there are the bathroom and the room for the electrical system. The other “box” has been designed for the counter with some cabinets and an exhibition area.

The last one is the entrance to the shop and the window display which allows for seeing the whole commercial office.

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