CONCURSOS.Oficinas Arquia en Corboba_1


Date: 2006

Location: Perez Galdos, Cordoba.

Category:  Bank branch 

Area: 124,52 m2.

Organizing company: ARQUIA Cordoba.

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Bussines and customer services.


The new office in Cordoba Arquia intended to have a recognizable design and its elements correspond to the needs of the program. We define local as empty a container. It shows the elements of the program and other containers, each with its own image and function.

We propose the project as a large vessel where the program is transformed into 5 containers inside the vacuum. Each container has a program and its own design, using one set of textures for the continuity of space. CONTAINER CONTENTS. Each program unit has a container, a fluid space FUNCTION BOX interrupted. It seeks a continuity of urban space and private space.

The elevation to the street Perez Galdos has access content, one of the boxes contained within the vacuum. The place is a publicity gimmick for the company within the city trying to get the terms of safety, professionalism, tradition and modernity and architectural image.

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