Cash Ecofres


Date: 2011

Location:Sierra de Gata 21, P.E. Las Norietas. Dos Hermanas

Category:  Adecquacy of local

Area: 30,00 m2.

Client: Ecofres 2010 S.L.

Studio: Fco Javier Pérez Martín  |   Adolfo Pérez López

Features:  Furniture and interior design

Status:  Draft

The project responds to the need to generate a small retail space self-managed by employees of the office, easily maintained, non-impediment to developing the remaining tasks associated with the ship: storage / cargo handling / offices. The current understanding of the different spaces generated by the customer over the years, autonomous spaces, unrelated, such as small boxes embedded in the large volume of the vessel, generates the starting point of the project entity acquires more own a piece of furniture, a piece that can move into the space ship-yard by wheels, thus containing the cost of maintenance and construction as well as the space used.

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