Professional Office Imagen

Date: 2014

Location: Imagen 10. Sevilla

Category: Redistribution for professional office

Area: 55 m2

Client: Private customer


It has been redistributed this old office for a new professional use in an Eighties building, built by the architect Ricardo Espiau, which faces to the Iglesia de San Pedro of Seville.

It has been deleted every partition walls and it was designed a “technical furniture” where there are the bookshelves and the storage area. The library is inside this furniture which illuminates the work space thanks to a crystal sliding door. This furniture divides the office in two areas: the work space and the meeting area which is closed with another sliding door.

The joinery has been changed. There are two big windows divided in three parts each one that decorate these spaces.

The monitors are on a big long table with a lamp which is parallel to it and lights up the area. All the furniture is from the Norwegian brand named HAY.

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