Adolfo Pérez Arquitectura - Ayto Calasparra - 5 - 600x

Calasparra Town Hall Contest

Date: 2022

Location: Primero de Mayo Avenue, Calasparra. Murcia 

Category: Cultural

Area: 1256.23 m2

Team: Adolfo Pérez López | María Fernández Naranjo | Jesús Triviño Ruiz

Status: Honorable Mention 


The location of the new Town Hall of Calasparra is in a privileged environment within the city, Primero de Mayo Avenue, a location that relates two scales buildings: the popular typology buildings of two floors and the typology of five-floor multy-family buildings. 

The study proposal aims to provide an urban input: through a plinth gesture, it creates a new urban space and meeting point where the entrances to the new town hall, a new access to the municipal theater and the future expansion into a space for culture and research will be located.

Thus, in phase 1 it is tried to relocate the volume proposed by the competition rules and compose it in height until the maximum height allowed in the planning is exhausted, relying on high-rise building to generate a point of representation in the city. 

In phase 2, it is created a NEW PUBLIC SPACE for the city, where the access to the Town Hall is located, a new access to the Municipal Theater, making this entrance the main one, and a new building that embraces the public space, creating a foundation of the rice region that serves for the knowledge of visitors and the study of new cultivation techniques and I&D studies.

The new volume in height proposed allows the construction of the future expansion of the Town Hall to be built by using the building area above the space of the plenary hall. For this reason, the vertical communication has been located on the southeast façade, serving the future new space of the town hall, and significantly saving the future costs of the extension.

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