Posada del Lucero

Posada del Lucero

Date: 2006

Location: Almirante Apodaca 17. Seville. Spain

Category: Hotel, BIC Protected Monument

Area: 1847,00 m2

Client: Edificio Cespedes. S.L

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Rehabilitation and interior design. Heritage intervention. Protected monument.

Publication: : Architecture guide: 37º23'N 5º59'W. Sevilla Contemporánea. 2000-2010 / TC- Cuadernos. Temas de Arquitectura: Hoteles. Nº10. 2010 / Arte y Cemento. num 4. Feb.2007 / On Diseño. num 278. Dic.2006 / Arquia próxima. Fundación Caja de Arquitectos. 2006

Status: Work Completed


The hotel “Posada del Lucero” is a listed building in 1980 as a historical artistic monument of national and cultural interest, being the only existing from the sixteenth century in Seville. The building is very popular in the city as it has been fulfilling its role of hosting from the beginning until today. St. Teresa of Jesus stayed, royalty also stayed as evidenced by the input strings. The construction process was to recover the soul of the Inn and return the splendor of the sixteenth century with an intervention using the same materials with which it was built, lime mortar, the walnut beams and iron fittings, three materials define the building where dialogue the sixteenth century architecture of the twentieth century with a walk through history.

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