Céspedes 18

9 December 2014

Rehabilitation in 18 Céspedes Street. Ancient building dated back to the 11th century

An ancient Muslim-Almohad building dated back to the 11th century has been rehabilitated in Seville. This building conserves its original features as a courtyard house.

The rehabilitation consists of the restoration of its basement dated back to the 11th century and its later reconstruction in the 16th century. The building demolished in the 20th century has been rebuilt following the Almohad traces, the load-bearing walls and the exterior walls.

It has been built 3 dwellings. A duplex formed by the basement and the ground floor. There is a dwelling with 2 bedrooms in the first floor as well as a duplex with three bedrooms in the second and third floor.  

It has been used the same materials as in the 11th century: brick load-bearing walls and lime mortar.

The work is planned for February 2015.

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