1 December 2014

Single-family home in 18B Star Street. Residential area Vistahermosa Puerto de Santa María. Cadiz

The construction is closed to be finished. It is a single-family home with a swimming-pool built in the same plot. We have tried to project a building closed to the outside with big windows just in the connection area between bedrooms in the first floor.

The building is divided in three parts: the first one in the bedrooms area in the ground floor, the second one is public area connected with the garden and, the last one, is another bedrooms area in the first floor around an inner courtyard.

It’s a white building which contrasts with the blue sky from Cadiz. The exterior facades are defined by the shadows which are projected onto its surface.

Its interior has a very clean design formed by white lacquered wood, fresh stone from Macael and crystal of the white cubes.

The turquoise swimming-pool and the cube of the external lamp defined the green area.

The work is planned to be finished for December 2014.

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