CONCURSO.Viviendas .Parque Norte.Malaga_1

Public Housing. 100 VPO's North Park. Malaga

Date: 2007

Location: Parc.R2-UE.2 / PE. North Park.Málaga.Spain

Category: Public Housing

Area: 8.484,41 m2

Client:  Málaga's Council.

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López | Rafael Assiego de Larriva

Features: Hundred apartment, commercial establishment and Offices

Status: Finalist


New homes are built on a "socket" commercial in which support four white pieces facing the park north of the city of Malaga. As a continuity of the green in the building.

The typology is intended to resolve the northern orientation of the plot, for overlooking the park. All rooms are on the outside, with the main rooms on the perimeter of the building.

As in traditional typologies homes are accessed from the veranda, wetlands to be concentrated in this space. These dependencies are screened by an open lattice with large voids. The light in the house is horizontal, continuous horizontal space, stretched by light.

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