VIVIENDAS. Vara del Rey


Date: 2011

Location: Vara del Rey 6. Sevilla

Category: Internal reform

Area: 91,15 m2

Client: Rodrigo Ceballos Pachón

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López  |  Fco Javier Pérez Martín

Features: Reform

Estado: Work completed


The house is encompassed in an estate that has its origin in the seventies, the apartment comes to our days in good condition but with finishes and features typical of that time, the street lighting shared bedroom and living room being necessary to extend their proportions and therefore dark spaces, a long corridor linking different living spaces of the courts on which is articulated.

The work provided you make changes in the distribution to suit the needs of customers, a young couple awaiting the arrival of a child, develops a line of services includes the nuclei humid (bathrooms, laundries and stop hoarding the necessary light for other uses) a lined piece that makes up the traffic to the room that is marked by a faint illumination. The bedrooms are living in the privacy of the different courts. The room looks expectant on the street and formed a single space, breaking the previous concept of the plant.

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