Céspedes 18

Date: 2015

Location: Céspedes 18. Seville

Category: Rehabilitation of a 12th century house. Three dwellings

Area: 255 m2

Client: A.E.F. López Sánchez S.L.


It is a rehabilitation and reconstruction of a 12th century building located in the Barrio de la Judería in Seville. It has been recovered the 18th century building that was built over the old 12th century one with a buried garden. During the structural process, the basement of the building has been restored and rehabilitated and the building has been rebuilt following the old traces of the load bearing wall.

The maintenance of the 12th and 18th centuries vaulted space has been an important intervention. It has been built a foundation slab with a thickness of 20 cm supported by the original walls with a cavity that protects and ventilates the vault. The rest of the construction has been built over the original walls of the building.   

It has been rebuilt the old 19th century facade because of the imposition of the municipal regulations, but it has been projected a base which joins the windows of the basement and the ground floor.

The project has a new distribution for three dwellings: a duplex in the basement and the ground floor, a dwelling in the first floor and a duplex in the second and third floor. This last one has important views to the Giralda and the San Bartolomé Church.

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