"Corral del Conde". Santiago 27

Date: 2013

Location: Santiago 27. Sevilla

Category: Apartment building

Area: 315 m2

Client: Comunidad de propietarios Santiago 27

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Rehabilitation

Status: Work completed


It is the rehabilitation of “El Corral del Conde” which was built by the Conde-Duque de Olivares to host his servants. This building is the biggest ancient courtyard house in Seville and an example of real popular Sevillian architecture.

Its interior has been rehabilitated because of the state of its galleries. This building has been declared to be a National Monument and a site of Cultural Interest. We have rehabilitated all its wooden pillars in the ground floor as well as restored its wooden beams and rehabilitated its floorings. The construction is divided in two phases: the first one related to its interior (2013) and the second one associated to the exterior (2014).

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