Boteros 43

Muñoz y Diezma House

Date: 2009

Location: Boteros 43. Seville.Spain

Category: Single family dwelling

Area: 220,35 m2

Client: Muñoz Diezma Family

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López

Features: Rehabilitation

Status: Work Completed


The rehabilitation of the old Doctor Consultation Conejo Mir housing for a well known graphic designer and her extended family was to have the vast building program at a small plant size but high in a main section, the patio, which unifies giving different light stays in the latest opens with a large glass room overlooking the roofs of San Ildefonso.

The other aspect of the property was to order the existing front at Botero street in two respects, one on top of the ledge, eliminating the traditional parapet ornamented by a large cornice and the other the creation of a rusty iron socket where the elements of access and a window that has a lattice strips with the same configuration of the socket, so that these elements of the base and form a raised ledge high ratio of "weight" despite its small size

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