Alonso Carrillo 28


Date: 2005

Location: Alonso Carrillo 28 . Sevilla

Category: Multy-family housing

Area: 227,14 m2

Client: UGRO S.L.

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López |  Jacinto Pérez Elliot

Features:  2 flats and study promotion

Estado: Work completed


It is a project engineer for a friend, a promotion consisting of two houses on two floors and a study downstairs. The development of the project was first to solve a problem, the existence of the stairs of the building itself, to access each of the houses and the consequent loss of space in a small plot. So we resolved with a simple floor layout.

It was making a straight, there is only one flight of stairs leading from which you access the two houses, which are necessarily on three floors (public space or day, the second floor room and the third housing and studio space), internal stairs are mounted on the same plant before leaving a space for lighting as a skylight of all stairs that are bathed in subdued light through the glass in matte, creating space a sequence of very interesting changes in light during the day.

The elevation is in an area of Seville former with workshops and our intention was to talk with these elevations, composing it with a stone base access and a bucket of concrete.

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